History of aventure écotourisme Québec


The Association des producteurs en tourisme d'aventure du Québec (APTAQ) was originally founded in 1990, then underwent a name change in 2001 and became Aventure Écotourisme Québec. At that time, under the leadership of Daniel Denault (1st president), the association was made up of a few adventure tourism outfitters involved on a voluntary basis.

In 1996, the Association des producteurs en tourisme d'aventure du Québec (APTAQ) underwent a new beginning thanks to support from Tourisme Québec and the establishment of the Club de produit de tourisme d'aventure, écotourisme et plein air Québec [Quebec Outdoor, Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism Club] as part of a program of the Canadian Tourism Commission.

The Ministère du Tourisme du Québec and Canada Economic Development helped to boost the development of our tourism industry. In addition to being significant financial partners, the two branches of government collaborated in the development of our industry by taking part in the direction and accomplishments of our association.

By gradually developing an increasingly more sophisticated line of services, particularly the establishment of a liability insurance program tailor-made to suit the needs of outfitters, based on professionalism, our association has been able to grow and increase its membership, despite our increasing demands.

Since 1996, we have 10 times the number of members, going from about twenty outfitters to more than 200 members in 2006. More than the number of members, above all is the fact that they all meet the quality criteria, reflecting the enormous progress made over the course of the last 10 years. Our association, by putting the emphasis on professionalism, has come a long way and now has a presence on every committee that has an impact on the development and commercialization of adventure tourism and ecotourism in Quebec.

Established 1990 Presidents
  • 1st President : Daniel Deneault
  • 1st Headquarters : Sept-Îles
  • Serge Lacroix 1996-1998
  • Philippe Forté 1998-1999
  • François Guillot 1999-2000
  • Pierre Desjardins 2000-2002
  • Jean-Charles Fortin 2002-2006
  • Pierre Hersberger 2006-2014
  • Yanick Morin 2014 - To date