Quality-safety Attestation

Following the announcement by the Minister of Tourism on January 23, 2020, the Quality-Safety Attestation, which means meeting the AEQ standards and completing the following process, will be mandatory for adventure tourism businesses that wish to apply for funding from the various MTO grant programs. This process is free of charge!

You are a company that offers and produces adventure and nature tourism activities in Quebec and you must obtain the Quality-Safety Attestation?

In order to obtain the QUALITY-SAFETY ATTESTATION, you must demonstrate that your business is safe, professional and that it meets the Association's Certification Booklet, which will be given to you at your 2nd step in addition to:

  • Meet the definition of an adventure tourism business of Aventure Écotourisme Québec.
    That is to say, a physical or moral person who, for a fee, offers adventure and ecotourism activities to the public or to travel intermediaries; that is to say animated and guided or self-guided activities, in contact with nature and the culture of a given site or territory. These activities involve some risk and are not necessarily geared towards wildlife harvesting. The company controls the components of the products it offers and has at its disposal the equipment and personnel to offer and animate its adventure tourism and ecotourism activities. It can also offer its adventure tourism activities as part of animated packages.
  • Be incorporated or registered in Quebec (Registraire des entreprises).
  • Have a minimum of $2 million in civil liability insurance.
    If you do not already have liability insurance, we suggest that you begin the QUALITY-SECURITY CERTIFICATION process (become an AEQ-certified member) in order to benefit from the civil liability insurance program at a preferential rate.
  • Present the required documents:
    (risk recognition and acceptance form, risk management and emergency measures plan, guide register, first aid...)

How to Get your attestation?

First step : Opening your file & presentation of your organization
  1. Fill out and return to us the form to open a file and present your organization.

Second step : Preparation of your file

Once the file opening is received, the AEQ will send you an email giving you access to the "toolbox" that is useful and necessary to obtain the Quality-Safety Attestation.


  • Certification program (book of standards) of the AEQ,
  • Checklist of documents to be completed and returned,
  • File with documents to be completed and sent,
  • Additional tools and templates.

Once the documents in the administrative section of the Checklist have been approved by the AEQ, a certification/attestation counsellor will be assigned to your organization. This person can offer up to 2 hours of accompaniment to help you complete the documents requested in the visit section of the checklist and achieve compliance. This accompaniment can be done remotely or in person.

Third step : Diagnostic visit & follow-up

Once the documents have been completed, the consultant will conduct a diagnostic visit of your organization and take part in an activity to assess whether you meet all of the AEQ's Quality-Safety standards. To do so, we ask that a person responsible for the organization; manager, owner or director, be available for the entire day (average length of visits: 4 to 6 hours).

The attestation counsellor/advisor will write a report containing an assessment of the standards that are met or not met following the visit.

If certain standards are not met, a follow-up and accompaniment will be carried out if necessary and a correction period will be indicated in order to make the required corrections with a view to obtaining Quality-Safety attestation. Depending on the corrective measures to be taken, a second visit with the organization may be necessary.

Step four : Officialization of your status

The Membership Committee of the Association will review your file based on the consultant's recommendations. Once you have successfully completed the four steps, you will be recognized as a professional business and become a "Quality-safety attested" business.

We look forward to having you attested very soon!