Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why become a member

    The association belongs to its members
    Be pro-active work to become a leader of your industry!


    Become a member of Adventure Ecotourism Quebec:

    • Be recognized for the quality and safety of your products and services
    • Improve your visibility
    • Get to the strength of a professional group
    • To take a position on the major issues of the industry
    • Manage more effectively to your business

    We are a dynamic association that focuses its energies to represent, defend and promote the interests of adventure and ecotourism in Quebec. In short, we help you develop your business.

  • How to become a member

    Choose your membership category below

    Outfitter member
    All businesses offering guided or self-guided nature activities

    Associate member
    All Companies or organizations operating in the tourist industry in conjunction with adventure tourism

Business and legislation

  • Where can I find information regarding the travel agent licensing act?

    The travel agents act is a consumer protection act, so you can get information from the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) [Consumer Protection Office]

  • Where can I find information on the legal provision regarding payment terms?

    You will find information about contracts, advance payments, reimbursements and more from the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) [Consumer Protection Office]

  • Where do I go to register or incorporate my company?

    You must apply to the Registraire des entreprises du Québec [Quebec Business Registry]

  • Where can I find information concerning operator permits, driver's licences and registration?

    For information about operator permits, see the Commission des transports du Québec [Quebec Transport Commission].

    For information on driver's licences and registration, see the Société de l'Assurance automobile du Québec [Quebec Automobile Insurance Association]


Human resources

Professional training and recognition

  • Who can I see about obtaining financial (or other) support for training or for my business?

    At the MRC (Regional County Municipality) office in your region, whose objective is to promote economic development and job creation on its territory within the framework of a partnership between the government.

    At the local employment centre for your region, the purpose of which is to develop jobs and labour and to fight unemployment from an economic and social perspective

  • Where can I find information about development workshop or continuing education?

    The Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en tourisme (CQRHT) [Quebec Tourism Human Resources Council] has on its website a directory of continuing education for all sectors of the tourism industry, including adventure tourism and ecotourism. There you can find courses for managers, guides, and other job positions

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