Aventure Écotourisme Québec certification

Aventure Écotourisme Québec is a dynamic association that represents, defends and promotes the interests of adventure tourism and ecotourism businesses in Québec, with the aim of developing a high-quality offer in the adventure tourism and ecotourism sector. In short, we help you grow your business while complying with the highest standards of our industry.

Do you offer organized adventure tourism or ecotourism activities with professionnal guides? Do you strive to make the experience competely safe and fun for your clients? Get your business to be Quality-Safety certified.

Holding the Quality-Safety certification means being recognized for your profesionnalism and your compliance with high quality and safety standards established by adventure tourism and ecotourism professionals in Québec.

to be quality-safety certified, a business must:

  • maintain rigorous safety standards in the practice of outdoor activities in Québec;
  • provide safe supervision with specialized, trained guides;
  • provide customers with quality equipment;
  • carry liability insurance of at least $2 million;
  • demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the natural environment and contribute to nature-friendly tourism;
  • host a visit from a certification consultant every three years.

The Quality-Safety certified logo tells the public that your business is part of a recognized network and offers a high-quality and safe experience. It adds value to your message.

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Ecotourism Attestation

In addition, some businesses are also eligible for the Ecotourism attestation.

Ecotourism is a form of tourism that aims to introduce visitors to a natural environment while preserving its integrity. It includes interpretive activities about the natural or cultural components of this environment, while promoting a respectful attitude towards it. Ecotourism is based on the principles of sustainable development and provides socio-economic benefits for local and regional communities. 

Holding the Ecotourism attestation means being among the leaders in our industry who put the planet at the heart of their priorities. It also means taking advantage of a complete coaching program to get your own sustainable development action plan, in addition to promoting your commitment to your clients.

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