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 On top on consultancy services, strategy, coaching and communication, our firm is specialized in contents creation and experiences related with nature, adventure and sustainability.

Collectif Nova



85, rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Bureau 300
Montréal, Qc, H2Y 3V4
Tel: 514-507-3600

Hôtel Tadoussac



165, rue Bord de l'Eau
Tadoussac (Québec) G0T 2A0

Phone : 418 235-4421
Tool free : 1 800 561-0718
Fax : 418 235-4607
Web :
Email :
Contact : Tina Tremblay


Le Baroudeur

Vanpackers (Le Baroudeur) offers the opportunity to discover Quebec in a campervan in a authentik way. Comprehensive outdoor partner thanks to our vans, conversion kits and rooftop tents, Vanpackers will drive you everywhere in Quebec and its beautiful hidden secrets. Ready to hit the road?


129 Av. Van Horne, Montréal, Québec, H2T 2J2

(514) 463-1654 -

Le Vertendre

Le vertendre is a private and sustainable estate in the Eastern Townships of 1000 acres of forest where ecological cottages and shelters are for rent or for sale.

7 Chemin de la Chute, Eastman, QC, J0E 1P0

Petit Manoir du Casino - Hôtel et pavillons

190 bedrooms and suites hotel site. Located on the falaise of Pointe-au-Pic in charlevoix region, including the O'quartz spa, offering a view overlooking the river ans a fall of natural water inner 22 feets high. Accredited 4 Greenkeys ans offers ecotourism packages in the Charlevoix region.

525, Chemin des Falaises
La Malbaie, QC Canada
G5A 2V5

Téléphone : 418 665-0000
Télécopieur : 418 665-4092

Réservation : 1 800 618-2112

Station Uapishka

At the heart of the Pessamit Nitassinan and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Uapishka Station, located at the foot of the majestic Uapishka (Groulx) mountains and on the edge of the Manicouagan reservoir, offers nordicity at its most authentic and spectacular kind.

Uapishka Station is also intended to be the site of a land occupancy camp, of capacity building, and of aboriginal healing. The station has become a strong, concrete symbol of the Innu Nation’s contemporary occupation of the land, working towards skills and identity development. Operation of the station’s infrastructure has created internship and employment opportunities for the Pessamit Innu, which is why the station has set a cultural parity goal in human resources.
The station is also a direct response to the Uapishka Biodiversity Reserve Management Plan. The reserve is a protected area managed, in cooperation with the community, by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change (MSDEFACC).
As such, the station has created 4 development components in order to meet the plan and its promoters’ aspirations.



  • Scientific research
  • Territorial Occupation and Capacity Building
  • Territorial Discovery

Protected areas and the sector’s environmental characteristics, Native occupation, the Uapishka (Groulx) mountains, the Manicouagan astrobleme, hydroelectric reservoirs, etc. make this territory ideal to fuel these components.


Uapishka is accessible by Route 389 (336km) from Baie-Comeau. The trip lasts 4 hours.

Information and Reservations: 418-296-8514 or 418-297-8670 (cell.)

General information and reservations:


TouriScope is a consulting firm specialized in tourism development. Thanks to the diversity of expertise of our consultants and our network, we support organizations in their strategic decision-making and the realization of their projects.



Phone: 514-663-7586

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