Outfitters members benefits

Being an outfitter member means benefiting from a wide variety of services including:

The Certification*

This means that the outfitter is recognized as a professional that has complied with the AEQ accreditation standards program. This not only gives your organization recognition and credibility, but also the exclusive right to use the AEQ-Certified logo. The certified outfitter annually receives a membership certificate and a commitment policy to post and proudly display its professionalism.

The Extranet

The extranet is an interactive section reserved exclusively for Aventure Écotourisme Québec members and partner-members.

It includes :

  • A classified ad section to buy or sell various items;
  • A guide member section to find out who the guides are, and have access to their CVs and contact information.
  • And more...

Annual event

Annual Congress, seminar or workshop – the event is a time for reflection, discussion, training and upgrading for administrative personnel and guides. Members are always offered discounts.

Aventure Écotourisme Québec prize

These Annual prizes are given to outfitters, guides and partners who have distinguished themselves over the past year.

The "Leave No Trace" program

This program offers trainer courses and awareness workshops. The "Leave No Trace" program revolves around educating participants about a code of conduct aimed at reducing the environmental impact of outdoor adventure activities to a minimum.

Market Launch Program*

These tools and activities, developed by Aventure Écotourisme Québec, help certified outfitters collectively reach target markets to display their quality:

  • Gift certificate program
  • Québec Plan, Canada-USA Plan
  • European mission
  • Association’s website with search engine and the possibility of online packages

Newsletter for members

L'Aventure en bref is a montly publication that primarily follows the Association’s activities and serves as a memory-guide for dates of upcoming events. It compiles all information pertinent to members in one e-mail.

The quality CD

This toolkit, presented electronically, contains standards, documentation and forms that help outfitter member organizations to improve their practices in order to offer safe, professional and quality services and projects. These tools are a veritable reference guide for all eco- and adventure tourism managers.

They include an emergency action plan, accident report, risk management guide, logbook, acceptance of risk form, risk management plan, registration form, fact sheet, crisis management committee, guide registry, draft of an interpretation plan, interpretive guide, delivery standards for customer service in nature and adventure tourism, and much more. The CD is available exclusively to AEQ outfitter members upon request for $15 (including taxes). This is an incredible bargain that no outfitter member can live without.


The AÉQ has developed a multitude of strategic partnerships in order to offer exclusive privileges to its members*. These agreements** make it possible to our members to profit from the development of the sector, the improvement of safety, of an increased visibility, formations, services or products adapted to their realities. More advantageous agreements ones than the others, which according to case's, make it possible to our members to save invaluable time or money, to soften procedures, to recognize and emphasize professionalism, etc.

Become an outfitter member

* For accredited outfitter members only
** Exclusively for accredited outfitter members from the Tremblant region that adhere to the criteria of the Tremblant Activity Centre